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Easy Salad Prep

There are SO many ways to assemble an amazing salad, but for a lot of us it’s the prep work that can have us saying “I’ll just have something easier”. If you wish to enjoy salads more often, hopefully these tips and tricks will help!

#1 Start with a base of your favorite greens. Then focus on adding one item from each category listed below, based on your preferences.

Proteins: chicken, canned tuna, cheese, hard boiled eggs, tofu, chickpeas
Grains: barley, quinoa, pasta, rice
Flavorful extras: onions, peppers, fruit slices, fresh herbs
Crunch: bean sprouts, croutons, pita chips, dry roasted beans, almonds, sunflower seeds
Dressings: simple vinaigrette, Caesar, ranch, yogurt based dressings, chipotle lime, oil & vinegar, olive oil & lemon juice & salt

#2 Prep tips and tricks:

Wash and dry greens in advance, and then portion them out into their own containers. These containers should be big enough to fit everything else that will eventually be added. To keep things crisp, have separate containers for wet ingredients (i.e greens, tomatoes, cucumbers) and dry ingredients (croutons, tortilla chips) if preferred. Keep dressing in it’s own small container to avoid your salad getting mushy. If you’d prefer to use less containers, try the stacking method! From bottom to top: proteins and grains, any cooked veggies, raw veggies, and finally greens on top. Dry ingredients and dressing go in right when it’s time to eat. If you plan to eat straight out of the container it’s stacked in, make sure the container is big enough to shake up the ingredients. Large mason jars are a popular choice! A layer of paper towel below your greens, or between greens and wet ingredients can really help keep things stay crisp until it’s time to have your salad.

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