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Balanced Snack Ideas

Need a way to boost your energy throughout the day? Incorporate some balanced snacks in between meals! Pairing a protein source with a source of fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, or whole grains, is an easy way to create a nutritious snack that will keep you feeling satisfied between meals!

▪️ Protein helps to promote fullness, stabilize blood sugar, and slow digestion. Some of the protein sources in this graphic also provide healthy fats, which also helps with satiety. 🥜🥚🧀 

▪️ Plant-based foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and beans contain fiber and essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Our best advice when it comes to fruits and veggies? Eat the rainbow! 🌈 Mix and match your produce used in snacks, as different colors provide you with different vitamins and minerals.🍓🥑🥒

Here are some balanced snack ideas that combine protein and fiber:

  • Greek yogurt + berries
  • Hummus + cucumber
  • Cottage cheese + crushed pineapple
  • Hard boiled egg + orange
  • Nut butter + celery
  • String cheese + apple
  • Pumpkin seeds + dried apricot
  • Tuna + whole wheat crackers

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