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National Nutrition Month® Celebrate with CHARGE

March has arrived, which means warmer weather, longer days, and National Nutrition Month®! National Nutrition Month® is a month-long event created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to honor nutrition professionals across the country and to highlight the importance of healthful eating. CHARGE invites you to celebrate the nutrition-focused month with us and discover what the role of a corporate dietitian entails!

What makes a Corporate Dietitian?

At CHARGE, we have an amazing team of Registered Dietitians (RDs). Holding the credential of an RD means that each dietitian has passed an accredited education program, internship, and an exam to hold this title. Dietitians work in many different places – hospitals, community centers, clinics, corporate settings, etc.; the corporate setting is a passion of ours! Lives are busy, and time is short, which is why the CHARGE RDs love to bring our expertise into the workplace and provide 1-on-1 nutrition consultations during the workday. Meeting with clients 1-on-1 is a large aspect of our daily lives, but what else does a Corporate RD do?

The Charge Group – Behind the scenes

Nutrition information and research is ever-growing and changing, so when we are not teaching, we are learning! There are certainly times when nutrition claims in the media cause RDs to question what we thought we knew. However, continuing education helps to ensure that our teachings are evidence based and up-to-date. Plus, CHARGE has over 20 dietitians on staff! We all have unique nutrition interests and specialties, and we love consulting with each other to give our clients the most accurate information possible. Some of our specialties include:

  • Sports and performance nutrition

  • Obesity and weight loss

  • Plant-based nutrition/vegetarian diets

  • Chronic disease management

Gathering information is incredibly important, but only half of the process. Much of our duties help to apply and provide all the gathered information in a customized format. What would you like a CHARGE RD to help you with? Maybe it is a customized meal plan, which can provide you with the right amount and types of foods to meet your goals. Maybe finding recipes that fit your preferences, cooking comfort level, and health goals is a priority for you. Whatever, your nutrition needs may be, we love tackling these tasks to help our clients take healthy eating from intention to action!

1-on-1 connections are great, but sometimes RDs spread a nutrition message in a one-to-many environment. It is our duty to make nutrition education accessible to everyone, and community outreach programs are a great way to make this happen! You may find us at a farmer’s market, conducting a grocery store tour, or talking to a group at a community center. These are just some examples of how we like to connect with individuals who we may not see in a corporate setting.

Finally, we utilize social media and online platforms. Messages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other websites can be viewed by thousands (sometimes millions) of people! What better way to talk to large groups of people, than through online platforms! Check out CHARGE on social media:

We are working to create interesting, fun messages on these platforms each week. We hope to provide an extension of our services through social media. There are countless places to get nutrition information online; we aim to provide trustworthy, evidence-based information for you.

This sums up a CHARGE dietitian’s life in a nutshell! Equal parts fun, stimulating, and rewarding! We invite you to celebrate National Nutrition Month® with us by eating well, having fun with food, and getting to know a CHARGE dietitian!

Post written by Ashley Haluck, MS, RD, LDN

This information is intended for general advice and may not be applicable to everyone. Please speak to your on-site Registered Dietitian if you have specific questions or to find out what is best for your individual needs.

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