Evidence Based
Nutrition Services

Bringing Nutrition Experts Directly to Your Employees


The Charge Group, part of GlobalFit’s suite of wellness solutions, specializes in evidence based nutrition and corporate onsite services. CHARGE serves employer groups and individuals looking for personalized one-on-one nutrition services and events delivered by Registered Dietitians.

We deliver nutrition services through three unique models that fit your needs as an employer and as an individual client.

CHARGE In-Person
Insurance-funded and employer sponsored one-on-one nutrition counseling services for your employees delivered at your workplace. CHARGE is an in-network provider for most major health plans.
CHARGE Virtual
A convenient and interactive alternative to onsite nutrition counseling. CHARGE provides virtual one-on-one nutrition counseling services through the CHARGE portal to your employees.
Motivate your employees with onsite wellbeing events, seminars, stations and wellness days focused on nutrition, fitness and community delivered by Charge Wellbeing Consultants and Registered Dietitians.

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